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Canon 5D Mark III announced

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Canon-5D3.jpgCanon announced and unveiled the 5D Mark III earlier today. The camera has met with mixed optinions (they almost always do), but this appears to be a step in the direction that most people have wanted. In particular, the new AF system addresses a key weakness of the camera that has been harped on in the past.

I'm very curious to see how this camera performs. While the pixel count hasn't gone up compared to the previous incarnation, there appears to be promise for much improved high ISO image quality and improved dynamic range. Only time will tell.

Feeling a little overexposed

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Taken at Great Falls, VA a couple years ago.

Canon EOS-1D X announced

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cameras.jpgCanon recently announced the 1d X the latest incarnation of their top of the line 1 series.  Reading over its specifications makes me reflect on how far digital cameras have come since I picked up my first, a Canon A20, just about 10 years ago. Granted, much of the jump came during the three years between getting the A20 and picking up a Canon 10D. I remember thinking that the 10D was all the camera that I'd ever need. Ingorance is bliss. The 10D could still produce a great iamge today.. if I ever managed to take it out of my closet. And I won't even tell you how long it's been since I've loaded up my old Contax 139 with a roll of film.

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